zaterdag 6 oktober 2007

Fall is here!

It's fall. The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and there's that fall like smell in the air, makes you want to cuddle up inside with candles lit, a hot cup of tea and a nice piece of something sweet. Now what to make? The apples are so beautiful right now, that I just couldn't resist buying them, so I went looking for a nice apple-y cake. I remember making an apple cake from the Lisa Yockelson book 'Baking by flavor'. I haven't tried much out of the book yet, but this recipe had a 5-star rating in the book (added by me ;o)) so I figured it was worth making again.
The recipe calls for 3 large apples, grated, and lots of spices that make me long for december and speculaas (the typical dutch cookie that basically has gingerbread-like spice combinations). So apart from the cinnamon in the recipe, I subbed everything else for a healthy amount of speculaas spices and for an extra kick, I subbed the vanilla extract for cinnamon liqueur I happened to have. When the cake was baking, I wished that there were people in the house for a showing (our house is still for sale) because *I* would buy a house that smelled like ours did at that point in a heartbeat.

M. couldn't wait to try the cake just 2 hours after it was baked and swooned over it, but when we shared a piece for breakfast this morning, it was even better. It's moist, apple-y, spicey and fall-like all at once. I'm sure I'll be making this again and again.

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