zondag 16 december 2007

Withdrawal syndrome

Living without an oven just isn't for me. After two weeks, I KNOW. And so does my husband (trust me on this ;o)). I pleaded with the repair guy. And pleaded and pleaded, and there was nothing he could do he said. His changing story about different parts didn't sound very plausible to me, but he has the power and I still don't have an oven. So I pleaded with my mom. And my sister. With a lot more succes I must say ;o). So I ended up with 4 batches of cookie after all (yay!!). First I prepared a double batch of sugar cookie dough, to make cut-outs for my nephew's upcoming birthday. After testing at least a dozen different recipes, I'm sticking to my tried and true that contains a hefty dose of cream cheese. It might be a little harder to work with, because it's kind of sticky, but the taste makes up for it. I sprinkled the leftover dough with cinnamon sugar, pearl sugar and almonds and cut out stars, trees and wreaths and voila, instant Christmas gratification :o). I will use them as teacher gifts this upcoming Friday.
Then today I made one of my all time favorites: Rose Levy Beranbaums linzer jam-filled thumbprints. I filled them with homemade blackberry jam. And because chocolate is always appreciated, I made another batch of Fine Cooking's chocolate crackle cookies. All cookies are securely tucked away into the freezer for the holidays, and will be used for gift-giving as well. Happy Holidays to all of you, and here's to a sweet New Year!! Please send some good vibes our way on the house, because the day after tomorrow we will FINALLY know if we're packing up this week or not...

3 opmerkingen:

Tara zei

Oh, I hope you're packing this weekend!!! Also, I'd love the recipe for the jam cookies.

Anoniem zei

Glad to see you got some baking time. They look yummy. I have to make more of those chocolate crackles. They're so good!

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! Tomorrow (actually, it's probably today for you now!) is the day! :-)


Heleen zei

Hi Tara! I will try to get you the recipe ASAP :o). and yes, I hope to do some major packing, starting tonight!! I already got my bookshelves down this weekend, so I have to do some digging to get the recipe out ;o)

Ann, I think those chocolate crackles are the best chocolate cookies ever. I can't think of a recipe I like better!
Can't tell you how nervous I am today! I just hope they won't let us wait too long.

On the bright side: I get my oven back today! Yay! And the repair was $100 less expensive than anticipated, double yay :o)