dinsdag 22 januari 2008

I'm bad...

About blogging. And about other things as well, the main thing being baking. I just can't seem to get over my oven-intimidation. I need an oven thermometer, and of course I can't find such a thing in the stores I've been looking in. I did see them ALL OVER before I was looking, I know that for sure ;o).
I do have more excuses than the lack of a decent oven and a thermometer though. First of all, the move and the funny effect it has had on me. I'm feeling somewhat disoriented 4 weeks after the fact, as if reality has finally set in. Then there's the task of copying what seems like a 100 documents a day, for insurances, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, the contractor and the architect. We're still stuck without an internet connection at home, an have no telephone to beat (I'm so not amused about this). Then there's the fact that I have the most horrible cold and I'm painting my piano which has kept me awfully busy in my 'free' hours. I promiss to at least blog about those results soon. For now, I'll hide in my corner, allowing myself to wallow in self-pity for a little longer :o). But not for too long, I promiss!!

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