dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Week 2

In spite of the fact that we had a little frost during the past few nights, the contractor went right ahead and poured the concrete into the wooden crate that will hold our entire house in the future. It was strange looking at that surface, imagining in less than a year we'll be sitting on our couch in that same exact spot! But it is interesting to see how things are prgressing a little every week. we've never spent much attention to houses being built and don't know much about it, but now, we're even interested in the time it takes concrete to thoroughly dry and harden, heh :o). In the meantime, we've been looking at bathroom sinks, tubs, faucets and tiles, and the choices are overwhelming. Also, after looking at that, we once more changed the set up of the bathroom (the architect will be so happy...). Drawing rooms on paper and shoving paper furniture and items around in it makes you see things differently! We did the drawing thing for the living room as well and were both kind of shocked to realize we don't have a lot of furniture to fill the space. But oh well ;o). We'll deal with it when the time comes to haul things into the room!
Below is a picture of the concrete floor, taken on a quite cold Saturday morning. It looks so peaceful, even with all the construction activities going on. I can't wait to move in ;o).

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Christina zei

Hi Heleen,

Since you haven't been baking much (it seems), I thought I might cheer you up with a question about baking.

I'm planning to make a Bonnie Stern recipe for Lemon Polenta biscotti with apricots and currants for Easter. I know biscotti keep pretty well, but I think three weeks might be pushing it so I'm thinking of how I can freeze things at some stage. Any experience?

I was thinking of making the logs, baking them, freezing them, defrosting, cutting and re-baking closer to the date I need them. What do you think?

Heleen zei

Hi Christina,
I apologize for not answering your question sooner. With regards to your biscotti question, I think you can do as you suggested (bake the logs, freeze, then defrost, slice and bake) but you can also bake them off completely that pack them in sturdy freezer bags (or a container that closes very well) and store them until easter. I've done the latter with great succes.
Good luck with your baking!