woensdag 7 mei 2008

Finally, an update!

I know, I know, I've been a horrible, non-existent blogger. But being basically cut off baking, I find it hard to keep up. I know things will improve once we move into the house and have that brand new, shiny oven installed.

In the meantime, builders have kept plowing along at the house, and it's really starting to look great. They have moved to the inside of the house now, which means that nothing much will change on the outside anymore, which makes me feel as if nothing were happening, but the contrary is true. Construction workers are coming in and out, hauling loads of pipes and electric supplies into the house. THey are hammering the whole stuff into the newly built walls, that are starting to look slightly deformed because of it, but we have been reassured that everything will just turn out fine in the end. At this point we're looking at a move-in date around the end of August, possibly early September.

Just to show the progress, here is the house in its latest glory (notice the front door we *loved* the minute we laid eyes on it ;o)).

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oh, wow, it looks like a house!! :-) How exciting. I love the front door. Only 4 more months.


Anoniem zei

Wonderful!!! Can't wait to see pics from the inside.

Heleen zei

Thank you both :o). Now that we're getting closer I feel like counting the days until we get in. I am so READY to start a 'normal' life (does it ever get normal I wonder?) and get baking again!

girlwhocantcook zei

Hi Heleen...I was trawling the web a few days ago for some inspiration as a friend and I were going to make and ice cookies and I stumbled on your blog...wow! what a lot of cool photos there were of beautifully cookies! So insirational!!My friend and I will need LOTS more practice to get up to your standard :) All the best with the new house