woensdag 23 juli 2008

Counting down...

It seems we're entering the last 6 weeks or so before we can move in to our new home. Needless to say, we still think that it is a loooooong time ;o). But anyways, as we speak, ceilings are being plastered, tiles are being placed, the heating systems is being tested and we are making progress in general. Last weekend, we slowly dove into the project of painting the house by starting with the stairs. After deciding on the colour, we starting painting and decided we totally hated it. New colour, new brushes, new start, and now the job is done. It will look good once the actual nice steps are being installed. The ones we have now look more like driftwood, but who cares as long as bags of plaster are still being hauled up and down, right? So we almost go over there daily to look at the progress (or really in an effort to try and make things speed up by *looking* at the things that still need to be done, heh). I even washed windows for the first time because I decided I simply needed to see what it would like like without all the mud and various other stray materials ;o). I pretended to have forgotten that the house is still bare and has no kitchen or anything else, and I caught a glimpse of an image of us happily roaming around in our kitchen, with the new shiny oven burning ;o). I could almost smell the scent of cookies ;o).

In the meantime I've been busy making curtains for the kitchen (with help of my mom, who is a true wizzard when it comes to fabric and needlework) and I stitched a gloriously pink, three-tiered cake on one of them. I couldn't think of anything more fitting and am very happy with how it turned out. Pictures to follow! You see that even in spite of being cut off from baking, cake still rules my life ;o)

I'm hoping that in a few short months, I'll beback full-swing into baking many new and exciting recipes and will be able to bring this blog back to life!

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Aimee zei

Very exciting, Heleen! You'll be in the new kichen in time for all the fall baking!