woensdag 20 juni 2007

Cashew puffies

Another recipe that does not require much effort and can be whipped up quickly and easily. The recipe calls for unsalted cashews, but I was too lazy to wash and recrisp mine, so I just threw them in, salt and all, and omitted the salt called for in the recipe. I creamed butter and sugar, added egg and vanilla, then the sour cream and got suspicious about a good outcome as the batter separated/curdled at this point. It came together when the flour was added, but I've seen too many pound cake batters curdle before my eyes (I'm seriously cursed when it comes to pound cakes for some reason) to know it can be disastrous. Anyway, proceeded as directed, baked, test tasted and plain didn't like them. I found them rubbery, dry, and overall pretty much uninteresting. The taste of the mellow cashews just didn't stand out in the sweetness of the dough. No spices to add some interest either. I won't be making them again, easy or not! I rate them 5 (out of 10), my husband said 7. Makes an average of 6, which makes it the least liked recipe so far. Oh well, can't win 'em all, right?

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