zondag 10 juni 2007

Peanut butter and jelly jewels

I remember making this cookie before. It was one of the first recipes I tried out of this book, just because I was fascinated by the use of peanut butter in almost everything edible in the US ;o). I mean there's peanut butter crackers, cookies, ice cream, peanut butter as a dip for veggies, apples, peanut butter pretzels, I don't even know what else, but I know there was a lot! So back to the cookies. The first time I tried them I used the chocolate filling, and I honestly don't remember what the outcome was then. So I did them again, this time with the cherry jelly, because after all, this is about trying new things, right?
Dough was easy enough. I creamed everything, chilled the dough, formed balls as directed (although I messed up the size, because I only got 40 instead of 60 cookies), made the holes, and those dough balls kind of cracked even after chilling. But, I just went ahead and they came out fine. I wasn't pleased with the cherries in the jam I bought, so I used canned cherries to top the cookies with and boiled down the jelly as directed to coat.
I have to say the cherries made for a lovely contrast and a nice presentation (and much 'fresher' than chocolate could have been in this case) but this wasn't one of my favorites. Just too much peanut butter, a little too sandy, a little too fall apart-y, just not my favorite cookie. I say 6, my husband sais 8 our of 10. On to the next!

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