maandag 18 juni 2007

Mahogany buttercrunch toffee

I made this last Thursday, when I was in the mood to whip something up but didn't have a lot of time. Plus, I had the (very few and basic) ingredients on hand which helped in picking this one too :o). Basically, this is toasted nuts, cooked caramel and chopped up chocolate. Easy peasy!

I toasted the amount of blanched, sliced, almonds called for, and chopped them in the food processor. Spread half the nuts out in a rectangle on a Silpat, cooked the caramel, poured it over the nuts and sprinkled the hot caramel with chopped chocolate. I used milk chocolate on one half, and bittersweet on the other. When that melted, I spread it out and sprinkled the other half of the nuts on. I just left it on my kitchen counter until the next morning. I was surprised to find the chocolate still wasn't very firm (it had been quite warm all day so the kitchen wasn't exactly cool), but a few minutes in the fridge cured all problems. I could easily break it into pieces then, only lost a lot of nuts in the proces. It appeared that a lot of the first nut layer hadn't stuck to the caramel layer, so it wasn't as nutty as I'd wanted it to be.

All of this had to be done in quite a hurry, so much that I didn't get to take a picture and didn't get to taste it. My husband, who took it to work, reported that he thought it was the best recipe I had tried so far, and that his coworkers agreed. So I definately will have to make it again. I think I'll use hazelnuts next round, and chop them very coarsely or not at all, to have the extra nuttiness in each bite :o). I'll make sure to take pictures then!

Next up: cashew puffies.

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