zaterdag 11 augustus 2007

Chocolate covered, chocolate chip cookie mud balls

I know I said I was venturing into other cookie books, but I got stuck with Big, fat cookies one more week ;o). My mom asked me to make her some cranberry/pecan biscotti, and since I was looking up the recipe, I decided to give another chocolate cookie a go, as I had such succes with two others. So chocolate covered chocolate chipe cookie mud balls it was.

Making the cookie was a very unusual proces (at least to me). Ms. Klivans has you bake the cookies, crumble them while the chocolate chips are still in the melted stage, form balls, let the chocolate harden in the fridge, then cover the balls in melted chocolate.
I baked the cookies, this time in my mom's oven, which was kind of hard because it reacts totally different from mine, takes longer baking times and can't be set as precise as I like with my anal tendencies when it comes to baking ;o). So the cookies took longer, spread a lot (not that it's a new thing....) but I just proceeded. I broke up the cookies will still pretty hot and thought it would be a disaster as they seemed greasy. I now realize that it was because they were so hot that the butter couln't possibly have set either. There wasn't a lot of butter in the recipe, so that couldn't be a problem anyway. But they firmed up, I coated them in chocolate, let them firm up again the fridge and they are definately *good*! I did use only half a cookie for each ball to make them not as monstrous, and it was a good decision. They look like somewhat large filled chocolates, and are definately as nice as that. Very rich, chocolatey, and still some crunch from the cookies. I'd definately recommend trying them.

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