zondag 19 augustus 2007

Three nut fingers

I went back to the starting point of this blog, which is 'Rose's Christmas cookies'. I heard people say good things about the 'three nut fingers', had all ingredients on hand and gave them a try. I loved the idea of a sandy, nutty cookie, being a big fan of mexican wedding cakes (I never can stop eating those when they are around). The cookies were very easily put together, baked, and rolled in superfine sugar.

The result is a nice, small cookie with a good taste, but in all honesty I think they're on the dry side. They are a little mealy when you first bite into them, as they fall completely apart in your mouth, until the nutty taste shines through which makes up for that, even if at least partially. I have the dough for the 'chocolate dipped melting moments' in the fridge and will bake them off later.
Aaahh, I love quiet, Sunday mornings, when there really is nothing better to do than bake cookies :o)

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