maandag 3 september 2007

Cinnamon sugar snickerdoodles

The last week of our vacation has begun. I do think it has to be marked with a new cookie ;o). I didn't particularly feel like making the effort to go to the store for ingredients, and browsing through 'Big, fat, cookies', I came up with snickerdoodles that didn't need any fancy ingredients. This is an *easy* cookie to make. And like all things cinnamon, it makes the house smell divine. Nothing is lovely and cozy as cinnamony things in the oven!

Now for the result: this is a lovely, simple, everyday cookie. Fits the bill for a dreary, rainy Monday afternoon!

And finally, a word to those who are reading this blog (assuming you are out there ;o)), please leave me a note and say 'hi', I'd love to chat a little!

4 opmerkingen:

RuthWells zei

Hi Heleen! I've enjoyed getting caught up with your blog this morning. I share your love of nougat. I tried the J. Torres recipe last year and *sprained* by wrist while cutting it, it was that difficult!

Heleen zei

Hi Ruth!! I know, about hurting yourself when cutting nougat. From now on, whenever I make it and it needs to be cut, I make sure Marco is around to help me, ha! It is delicious though and worth the trouble :o).

Tara zei

Hi Heleen! Mike's favorite cookie is the snickerdoodle. He always requests it for the Christmas cookie list. Love your pics and the nougat looked so good!

Heleen zei

Hi Tara! We like the snickerdoodles too, but I do think that Marco's favorite cookie has to have chocolate. Either that, or it needs to be a cheesecake in disguise, heh ;o). Hope you had a fabulous week of vacation!!