zondag 2 september 2007

Decorated cookies

Shortly after I discovered my love for decorating cakes, I became interested in decorating cookies as well. My first 'decorated cookie' was a gingerbread house that was in a book my mom had given to me years ago. I had admired it often, just didn't know where to start. After the first one, I baked 4 more in a week, officially hooked. I discovered a whole new world of gingerbread and decorated cookies on the internet, and from that time on, I searched high and low for the most challenging patterns. I am totally in love with gingerbread books by Teresa Layman, by the way, she is a goddess when it comes to gingerbread.

But anyway, back to the cookies. I started using patterns for cake decorating purposes to make cookies, and it worked well. I started collecting books on the subject, and trying out new things whenever I had time. I went from Christmas cookies to 'thank you' cookies, to wedding cookies and favors and everything in between. I once sent a box with 100 decorated cookies to a friend for her wedding in the US (I can't tell you how nervous I was about breakage !).

Now that I have some time off from work which means time to play, I went through my books and favorite websites and made some test cookies. The results are as follows:

I got this pattern from a 'window color' magazine

This one was made with a cookie cutter from 'www.kitchengifts.com'

I found this cookie in Elizabeth Strauss's book 'Confetti cakes'

This shoe can be found in a Peggy Porschen book. I will definately try the other designs in there as well. There's a cute outfit and an adorable purse to go with the shoe.

This is a www.rollingpinproductions.com' design that I copied. I fell in love with this bear a long time ago and think it would make a great Christmas tree cookie with scarfs in various colors.

Last but not least, this tractor cookie for my tractor-loving nephew. I'm trying this cutter out (www.kitchengifts.com) to come up with a treat he can give to his classmates for his birthday.

More designs to come!!

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

nice version of my bear!

Cheers from the USA and thank you for the link :)


Heleen zei

Thank you so much Susan! I'm such a big admirer of your work. I am in awe of the details and originality of your designs. I want to be you when I grow up :o)