vrijdag 28 september 2007

Nutella truffles

It was my sister's birthday last Tuesday, and of course I had to make something for her. She's a true chocolate lover, and always tells me 'the bitterer the better', so I was looking for something fabulous and chocolatey for her to enjoy. I browsed all kinds of brownie recipes, flourless chocolate cakes and whatnot, and then all plans for elaborate things somehow ended up in truffles when I ran out of time. I searched Carole Bloom's book (truffles, candies and confections) and when I reached the recipe for Nutella truffles I knew I didn't have to search any further. Even if our tastes have developed into 'more sophisticated things' both my sister and I cannot seem to shake our preference for Nutella, so I forgot about sophistication and just went ahead.

The recipe couldn't be anu easier. A cup of Nutella to half an lb of bittersweet chocolate. Melt chocolate, stir in Nutella, let set intil pipeable in the fridge, pipe into mounds. The trouble was in the piping. I had to remelt the whole thing twice because I couldn't get it to uniformely stiffen into a consistency that was easy to pipe. Running out of time, I worked with what I had and they didn't come out very nicely shaped, but, the taste was there :o). I rolled half of them in cocoa powder and the other half in chopped hazelnuts, for an extra flavour and texture boost. She enjoyed them (as did I), but I think the Nutella taste got left a little, and next time I'd add less chocolate which might make the whole piping thing easier as well.

2 opmerkingen:

Tara zei

I am in love with nutella. Don't tell, but I've been known to eat it out of the jar when I need something sweet. There is a pizza place here that now has a nutella pizza...haven't tried it yet, but how could it be bad?

Heleen zei

Nutella pizza? Somehow that doesn't sound right to me, LOL! Is it a regular pizza crust with Nutella, or just a crepe-like thing? You'll have to let me know if you try it.

Don't even get me started on Nutella. I eat it out of the jar as well. Well, actually, I start off spreading it on bread, nicely and politely. And when I've eaten the bread, I find myself eating the stuff out of the jar before realizing what I am doing. It is so addicting. Do you have Ferrero Rocher candy over there? If you do, please try them. They are a piece of Nutella-heaven in a golden wrapper ;o)