zaterdag 26 mei 2007

Birthday intermezzo

Not considering the fact that I turned another year older (well, technically it's only a day), I *love* my birthday. I love having a special day, I love doing something nice, and most of all I love going to see my mom and wish her a happy birthday as well, because we share birthdays. So yesterday was another lovely birthday, and in order to celebrate, I had to bake.

I decided that cookies weren't birthday-ish enough and wanted to make something else. I talked to mom, and we both agreed we need something with lots of whipped cream, and something that doesn't even come close to whipped cream, in order to please everyone in our (small) family. So I made the much requested hazelnut genoise filled with praline whipped cream, topped with caramelized nuts to please the cream lovers, and, as mom, my sister, my husband and I detest the whipped cream blobs, a lovely fresh strawberry pie. Granted, it is filled with vanilla pudding that was lightened with a bit of whipped cream, but there's no need to tell anyone ;o).

The cookie journey to be continued in the next entry!

2 opmerkingen:

SallyBR zei

Gorgeous cake..... What a cool thing to share the Birthday with your Mom!

I will be following your adventures in this Cookie Journey!

Heleen zei

Thank you Sally! It is indeed very special to share our birthdays :o).
The cake was very well received, even with the excessive cream content ;o)