vrijdag 11 mei 2007

Cocoa Brownies

I picked the cocoa brownies for round one of the cookie journey. Mostly because I had all ingredients on hand, they seemed pretty straighforward and simple to make, and because my husband loves brownies. I have never understood the brownie hype, but that might have something to do with the fact that brownies are just not very well known here in our neck of the woods.

But, back to the recipe. Preparation was as easy as it seemed, and the brownies baked up beautifully, making the house smell wonderful. I cut them a few hours later, and tasted a few of the unevitable crumbs. Let's just say I thought they were okay ;o).

My husbands coworkers on the other hands totally loved them, without being very critical and telling him what they specifically liked/disliked. I'm going to have to make them be more critical next time! But I guess that round one was a good one. Next up are crescents. They look like a wonderful, plain, cinnamon scented cookie. That one's for me :o)

2 opmerkingen:

Cathy zei

Hi Heleen! If there's one thing I've learned on my "cookie journey" it's that nothing beats chocolate for pleasing the masses, and brownies in particular are bound to be crowd pleasers. Good luck with your venture!

Heleen zei

Thanks Cathy! I'm going to try and alternate between chocolate and non-chocolate recipes, because yes, the chocolate ones seem to be the most popular!