zondag 20 mei 2007

Jeanne Bauer's Maple Macadamia Bars

Next stop in the journey: maple macadamia bars. I picked them mainly because I hardly ever make bar cookies. I think cookies need to be portioned, formed, dropped, whatever, but cutting just doesn't make the whole thing feel cookie-like. Oh well ;o). We love macadamia's, so that alone was reason enough to try them.

The recipe has you make the crust and the filling (nuts/caramel-syrupy concoction) separately. Crust was easy enough to put together, but after the first step, the blind bake, my foil that held the beans stuck to the crust, tearing pieces out of it. Oops. As well as I could, I got the stuck parts off the foil, put them back where they belonged and pretended I didn't know it happened. I though at this point the crust was very thin (as in too thin). I baked it some more, and prepared the filling. Sprinkled the nuts on the crust, poured the syrupy stuff all over it and baked some more. At this point, the whole thing looked quite suspicious. It seemed too dark brown, bubbled all over (as the recipe said it would), just looked funny. I took it out of the oven, let it cool, while worrying I would definately have to peel the foil that I lined the pan with off of the cookie, in tiny shreds. Also, I thought they'd become rock hard.

No such thing. The foil peeled right off (in one piece!) and they cut beautifully. The crust is buttery, flaky, yummy-ness. The filling is sweet, nutty, yummy-ness ;o). Yes, we both loved them and both rated them 8 out of 10. A definate winner !

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Janey zei

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to "help" you in this endeavour. Well, my waist is thankful I don't ... ;)

Heleen zei

You know about that saying 'a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand' right? ;o)
It sure would be great to be a ble to have a cookie baking session together. Well that, and just have coffee and chat, and chat, and chat!