vrijdag 13 juli 2007

Big, Fat Cookies

I'm back in the saddle, but afraid I got distracted by another cookie book that this ' cookie journey' wasn't about. But the results are so great I had to include them here. I made the chocolate chunk mountains, out of the book by Elinor Klivans: Big, Fat, Cookies. And honestly, I was patient and waited a day to taste them, as the book suggested they are best the day after baking, but now that I have I can say these are fantastic. I could think of 10 other words to describe them, and they'd all come down to the same conclusion, that they are magnificent cookies. They are thick, big, extrenely chocolatey and the smell is intoxicating :o). How could they be anything but wonderful with 23 oz. of chocolate for a recipe that makes 23 cookies? I know these will be in my favorite cookie recipes of all time, at a high ranking ;o). I guess I'm not done making recipes out of this book yet!

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