zaterdag 28 juli 2007

Big, FLAT cookies

I'd been eyeing the recipe for weeks. Wasn't hard to do, as there's a picture of the cookies on the front cover of the book (Big, fat cookies, that is). It looked like two deliciously thick and cakey brown-sugared chocolate chip studded cookie with a thick ganache layer in between. Heaven. So I started making the dough, and was anticipating greatness when just tasting the raw dough. Heaven indeed. Then I started to actually bake the cookies. The spread, spread, spread some more, only to end up flat as pancakes. No thickness, no cakey-ness, nothing. I chilled the dough. I chilled the sheets, I made the cookies smaller, I took them out of the oven earlier thinking I might have overbaked, all to no avail. I had the filling ready before all the cookies were baked or I would have given up. I sandwiched the cookies anyway (nothing wrong with the ganache), but the end result was *very* disappointing. I blame dutch sour cream consistency, which is supposed ot be thinner than the US kind. Or, maybe I should have just stopped after those first three winner recipes, and let it at that. Still deciding ;o).

Just because I didn't want to accept defeat, I turned some beauties of apricots into a simple apricot cake. It's a Bill Granger recipe. Simple, uncomplicated, and totally relying on the quality of the fruit. Which was fabulous. It didn't look all that sophisticated but was in fact, simply perfect. The tang of the apricots combined with the sweet soft cakey batter (this one did turn out cakey indeed, ha!), just delicious. *That* was worth a picture after all! On second thought, it will be once the site lets me upload the picture. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day all around ;o)

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