zondag 15 juli 2007

Jam session

I'm an avid jam maker. I don't know how I started this habit, but once I got my first jar made and tasted it, I was hooked for life. I use less sugar than commercial jams, and lots of fresh fruit. Nothing else. Yesterday at the farmers market I ran into some wonderful looking apricots and nectarines. And then I had some trifle berrries left over, that needed to be used. So I made two larges batches, one apricot/nectarine/strawberry and one apricot/nectarine/strawberry/blackberry. We slaved over a hot stove on a hotter than hot day, but the end result is worth it: 20 nice jars of summer in a bottle ;o).

3 opmerkingen:

Tara zei

They look wonderful! You should come to the States and we can make jam together! Mike and I did strawberry - picked the berries and all.

Heleen zei

I'd love to come over :o). Actually, two years ago when we were in the US I insisted on buying canning jars. I won't repeat what we both said once the time came to pack 20 glass jars into suitcases already bursting with numerous items I 'couldn't live without'!

So did your jam turn out well? Ours was good. The picking we did, was at the farmers market, heh ;o).

Anoniem zei

Yes, the jam came out great. I use pectin in mine to help it jell. LOL about packing the canning jars :)