zaterdag 14 juli 2007

A lot of baking

Somehow there were just many reasons to bake this weekend. Firs reason was, that my sister and her family were coming back from their vacation, and that calls for baked goods in our family. So I made a huge sheet of my mom's old fashioned apricot crumb cake. It turned out very well, but the picture didn't so I have to come up with a new one before I publish ;o).

Second reason was that we are invited to a dinner party and promised to bring dessert. After thinking long and hard, and avoiding a lot of ingredients that my pregnant friend isn't allowed to have, it came down to trifle. I made a lemon buttermilk cake from Maida Heatter, lemon curd, bought fresh berries at the farmers market, made some raspberry sauce, and voila, everything needed for a very nicy summery dessert.
THe cake is very fragrant and flavorful with a nice texture. I took te opportunity to use my very favorite rose Bundt pan just to show off ;o). End result in the pictures, reviews to follow!

I'm already browing to the 'big fat cookie' book again to try out something new too. Let's just say I want to maintain the wonderful smell in the house!

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